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I'm trying to store the currently selected value in a dropdown menu to a variable, but I can't find the correct way to do so in Python. I'm able to print the whole list by selecting the element and typing print element.text, but I'd like to be able to store the selected element.

Here is the html of the dropdown menu.

<select id="offer.sections.edit.jobHighlights.permanentLocationId" onchange="OWF_synchronizeQualifiedRelocationPackages(); OWF_selectCompanyBySelectedLocation()" onblur="OWF_showChangedControl(this)" name="offer.permanentLocationId">
    <option value=""/>
    <option value="AE-DXB-DIC9">AE-DXB-DIC9: Dubai, United Arab Emirates</option>
    <option value="AE-HOME-35819">AE-HOME-35819: Home-Gawdat, Dubai, UAE</option>
    <option value="AR-BUE-ALI">AR-BUE-ALI: Buenos Aires, Argentina</option>
    <option value="AR-REMOTE-GEN">AR-REMOTE-GEN: Argentina - Remote</option>
    <option value="AT-REMOTE-GEN">AT-REMOTE-GEN: Austria - Remote</option>
    <option value="AT-VIE-GRA">AT-VIE-GRA: Vienna, Austria</option>
    <option value="AU-HOME-22038">AU-HOME-22038: Home-Whitlow, Carlton, AU</option>
    <option value="AU-HOME-23104">AU-HOME-23104: Home-Miller, Brunswick, AU</option>
    <option value="AU-HOME-49114">AU-HOME-49114: Home-Whiteman, Brighton East, AU</option>
    <option value="AU-REMOTE-GEN">AU-REMOTE-GEN: Australia - Remote</option>
    <option value="AU-SYD-PIR">AU-SYD-PIR: Sydney, Australia</option>
    <option value="BA-REMOTE-GEN">BA-REMOTE-GEN: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Remote</option>
    <option value="BE-BRU-ETT">BE-BRU-ETT: Brussels, Belgium</option>
    <option value="BE-GHL-DAT1">BE-GHL-DAT1: Data Center, Ghlin, Belgium</option>
    <option value="BE-REMOTE-GEN">BE-REMOTE-GEN: Belgium - Remote</option>
    <option value="BG-REMOTE-GEN">BG-REMOTE-GEN: Bulgaria - Remote</option>
    <option value="BR-BAR-DAT1">BR-BAR-DAT1: Barueri, Brazil</option>
    <option value="BR-BHZ-THT" selected="selected">BR-BHZ-THT: Belo Horizonte, Brazil</option>
    <option value="BR-REMOTE-GEN">BR-REMOTE-GEN: Brazil - Remote</option>
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I believe this will get you the selected option:

option = Select(self.driver.find_element_by_id("offer.sections.edit.jobHighlights.permanentLocationId")).first_selected_option
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Thank you! This worked. –  JStew Nov 5 '13 at 0:50

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