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I am having trouble setting and checking cookies in PHP. What I would like to do is set a cookie on one page and on another page, check to see if that cookie exists.

On the first page, I set the cookie using:

setcookie ("conversionChecker", "anything", time() - 3600);

and on the 2nd page, I check if that cookie is set using:

if (isset($_COOKIE['conversionChecker'])){
  // include conversion code
  // dont include conversion code

However when I check for the cookie, it always returns false.

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The cookie is false because you are setting an expire time that has already passed. Try adding a plus instead of minus:

setcookie ("conversionChecker", "anything", time() + 3600);

time() is the current timestamp and 3600 is 1 hour. So it will expire one hour after it is set.

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you are setting a cookie to a time in the past.. this is effectively the same as deleting a cookie.

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