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I want the Flex DataGrid to implement a drilldown effect. The data to the DataGrid is obtained from an XML file.

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Datagrid should be something like this:

<mx:DataGrid id="DataGridAnswers"
                 top="10" bottom="10" left="10" right="10"
                        <mx:LinkButton label="Посмотреть результат"
                                       click="linkbutton1_clickHandler(data.test_id, data.id)">
                                    import etc.NavigationEvent;
                                    protected function linkbutton1_clickHandler(testId:int, answerId:int):void
                                        var navEvent:NavigationEvent = 
                                            new NavigationEvent(NavigationEvent.NAVIGATION_STRING, 
                                                NavigationEvent.REPORTS_SCREEN, true, true);
                                        navEvent.testId = testId;
                                        navEvent.answerId = answerId;

And handle this event in container like this:

protected function navigationHandler(event:NavigationEvent):void
                // выбрать соответвтующий экран на главном меню

                switch (event.screen)
                    case NavigationEvent.LOGOUT:


                // Переключить вью стек
                if (screenDic[event.screen] != null)
                    viewStack_main.selectedChild = screenDic[event.screen];

plus add eventlistener to container

initialize="this.addEventListener(NavigationEvent.NAVIGATION_STRING, navigationHandler)"
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Thanks...It really helps – Anupama Dec 30 '09 at 11:08
Can you than mark it as an answer please? – Egor Dec 30 '09 at 11:42

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