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I'm doing a Django application and using heroku, but when I upload an image everything goes good, but after about 2 hours, heroku delete my images. I dont know what is happening. Im using a postgres db.

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Yes, it works perfectly, but when i try to run my applicationaften an hor, all my images desapears –  Cris_Towi Nov 5 '13 at 4:06

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You shouldn't write anything to the file system, Heroku clearly states it's ephemeral and should not be used for anything.


Instead, you need to use a proper media storage backend, such as Amazon S3. For your Django project, check out django-storages with the S3 backend


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You can also plan to add file to the db, as explained here. This is good if you crane or bigger postgresql plans, so that you don't have to setup an S3 bucket.

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