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I am currently trying to update all the wp-config.php files on multiple servers. This below should work but it wont allow me to use regexp for the destination.

Does anyone know an alternate way to do this?

- hosts: blah.blah.net
  user: blah
  sudo: true
  - name: add a new string before the match
    lineinfile: dest='\/home\/.*\/public_html\/wp-config.php'
                regexp='^\/\*\* MySQL database password \*\/'
                insertbefore='^\/\*\* MySQL database password \*\/'
                line='define("DISALLOW_FILE_MODS", true);'
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with_items with a list of your users. If your list of users is fairly limited and static, you could maintain it in a var file. Otherwise, perhaps some kind of task that scanned the home directory into a var that you could use with with_items. –  klenwell Nov 5 '13 at 16:29

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As you've already experienced, a regular expression won't work there. What I recommend is to use with_items like this:

- name: add a new string before the match
  lineinfile: dest=/home/{{ item }}/public_html/wp-config.php 
              regexp=' ... '
   - usera
   - userb
   - userc

You can obtain a list of items from a file (with_lines: cat filename) or by obtaining them remotely (i.e. from the managed nodes) with, say, a shell action and a register: variable.

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