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My website utilizes links to named anchor tags. Here's an example:

<a class="thislevel" href="#1">blah blah blah</a>

And then further down the page:

<a class="subtitle" name="1">[3.OA.A.1]</a>

Here is the link to the actual page:

In Chrome and Firefox the links work as intended and take you to the subtitle, but in Safari the links takes you a little past the correct spot on the page to where you can't actually see the subtitle.

Here is a link to the only thing similar on Stack Overflow that I've found, but I don't think I'm having the same issue: Safari anchors on links not working

I have tried switching from name to id with no luck. I have also investigated and I don't think it's a CSS issue.

Is this a Safari bug?

Thanks for your help. This is the first question I've ever asked on StackOverflow.

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Can't reproduce with Safari 5.1.7 under Windows; it behaves just like the others. Don't have a Mac to test on. – Mr Lister Nov 5 '13 at 11:06
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Turns out that it was a Safari on Mac peculiarity. I tested it on other browsers and the same behavior did not appear. Thanks to Mr Lister for checking Safari on Windows.

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