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I need Some Help in running the Browser on Tizen (I have my Tizen 2.2 build Up & running) , I am trying to run a browser with Software rendering , as I see evas supports multiple engines in Tizen Opengl_x11,Software_x11, etc..,as I dont have Vendor SDK for Hardware rendering right now due to some logical reasons, I want to run my app(browser) with software rendering, Can anyone please guide me how to enable software rendering, does it has to be doen while building the tizen itself ?? , When I run a browser through command prompt I get following Log

ERR<1442>:ecore_evas ecore_evas_x.c:264 _ecore_evas_x_gl_window_new()

evas_engine_info_set() for engine 'opengl_x11' failed.

ERR<1442>:ecore_evas ecore_evas_x.c:3586 ecore_evas_gl_x11_options_new() evas_engine_info_set() init engine 'opengl_x11' failed.

CRI<1442>:elementary elm_win.c:2620 elm_win_add() OpenGL engine creation failed. Trying default.

CRI<1442>:evas_main main.c:114 evas_debug_magic_wrong() Input object is wrong type

* & browser doesnt comes up...

I am not sure what is missing, Any seniors can provide some pointers in this regard will be very helpful.

PS: My X server is running..

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Hello, maybe you could be a little bit more specific. Do you have a native application or what are you trying to do? – ruff1991 Nov 5 '13 at 10:29
@ruff1991 - I want to run a App (Browser) with Software Rendering as I see it supports multiple engines like software_x11, opengl_x11 etc.., I want to use Software Rendering , How do i Do that ? – GeekPanther Nov 6 '13 at 10:56
Maybe check the Tizen developer website forum section. My experience with Tizen goes only as far as porting native applications. – ruff1991 Nov 7 '13 at 10:00

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