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I have three buttons and each triggers showing a corresponding panel. I would like to only show one panel at a time, but right now a panel is shown per button clicked. So clicking all three buttons shows three panels at the same time.

I am using twitter bootstrap, and this is my code:

 <span data-toggle="buttons-radio">
  <a class="btn btn-sm btn-white pull-right m-r"  data-toggle="class:show" href="#content1"><i class="icon-sitemap"></i> Content1</a>
  <a class="btn btn-sm btn-white pull-right m-r" data-toggle="class:show" href="#content2"><i class="icon-user"></i> Content2</a>
  <a class="btn btn-sm btn-primary pull-right m-r"  data-toggle="class:show" href="#content3"><i class="icon-male"></i><i class="icon-female"></i> Content3</a>

<aside class="bg-white hide col-lg-6 b-l" id="content1">
    <h2>This is content 1</h2>

<aside class="bg-white hide col-lg-6 b-l" id="content2">
    <h2>This is content 2</h2>

<aside class="bg-white hide col-lg-6 b-l" id="content3">
    <h2>This is content 3</h2>



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In bootstrap, tabs work that way:

The tabs titles show up across the top and clicking them shows different content. Two tabs are never shown at once.

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Try wrapping it in a .btn-group to your span.

<span class="btn-group">
  //your buttons
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