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can anyone do help regarding this..?

I'm creating one application, which use to determine the raw data and those raw data values are imported in datagridview. Now i need to produce that raw data values in graphical representation. I have datgridview with multiple columns and i wanna plot graph/chart with datagridview column values in c#.

this is what i tried..!

     private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            chart1.Visible = true;
            this.chart1.Series["0"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE1");
            this.chart1.Series["1"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE2");
            this.chart1.Series["2"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE3");
            this.chart1.Series["3"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE4");
            this.chart1.Series["4"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE5");
            this.chart1.Series["5"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE6");
            this.chart1.Series["6"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE7");
            this.chart1.Series["7"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE8");
            this.chart1.Series["8"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE9");
            this.chart1.Series["9"].Points.DataBindY((DataView)dataGridView1.DataSource, "SAMPLE10");


but no use.. is there any other way or method to plot the chart using datagridview column values directly..?

thanks in advance..

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