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I was wondering if there is a tool to generate Nhibernate mapping and class automatically from the database, kinda what subsonic does? Thanks in advance.

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NHibernate Mapping Generator

Project Description

A simple utility to generate NHibernate mapping files and corresponding domain classes from existing DB tables.


It's in beta, I've not tried this though :)

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In case its still relevant - have a look at the Mindscape NHibernate Designer if you are interested in a Visual Studio integrated option.

enter image description here Some more screenshots are here

Its probably the closest to what you would get with Subsonic, and it covers most of the commercial databases out there for the drag/drop and 2 way round tripping, so its pretty easy to cover off most modelling concerns.

Note: I am one of the founders of Mindscape, so have a clear bias towards the product :)

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There a new 2.0 Beta 2 release available with lots of new features and support for fluent nhibernate, one-to-many and many-to-many mapping.

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