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I am looking for an alternative solution to HTML Framesets and from what I have read so far, I can use DIVs with CSS to create column contents. Basically, I want my images in one column on the left and when clicked should call details.php (tagged as id=details) in the column on the right.

I have started off with the following; unfortunately, clicking links in the left column is not calling anything in the right column:

<div class="col1">
            <a href="details.php?PersonID=<?php echo $PersonID; ?>" target=details> <?php echo $row['FamilyName']; ?> <?php echo $row['FirstName']; ?> </a>

    <div class="col2" id="details">
        <?php   $file = file_get_contents('./details.php', true); ?> 

I will appreciate any advise to make this work.

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You can combine HTML & CSS with jQuery or any javascript libraries to load the content (details.php) asynchronously using AJAX.

$('a').on('click', function(e) { var contentUrl = $(this).attr('href'); $('#details').load(contentUrl, function() { console.log('the content has been loaded is appended into the div'); }); });

For more reference you can go to jQuery API - load.

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