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I am creating objects for a game, they are all sprites. but I also want them to implement an interface. Is it possible to do both ? If not, how can i have an object have the capabilities of a sprite and also have it implement an interface. I am wanting to create another class that checks all my objects to see what datatype they are and evaluate them accordingly

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It is possible for all ActionScript objects to both implement an interface and extend a class. Here's an example:

public class RedZoid extends Sprite implements IColoredZoid

Furthermore, the is keyword works with interface implementations:

var z1:RedZoid = new RedZoid();
if (z1 is IColoredZoid) {
  // This branch will be hit, since the interface is implemented
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what about the other way around. z1:IColoredZoid, then have a if statement chcek to see if z1 is Redzoid. lets just say that z1 is passed through a method. –  numerical25 Dec 30 '09 at 15:59

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