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I get a video feed (mpeg2-ts @ 500kb/s) over the network, but I'm uncertain on how to go from here.

The videofeed is now collected in a rather fast growing byte array, and I need a hint on how to feed a video renderer with these bytes. I've used DirectX's AudioVideoPlayback before, but as far as I can se it can only read from files, and I wish to avoid disk usage.

Edit: I have never worked with DirectShow, so this could be interesting. Maybe using Media Foundation for best forward compatibility? This stuff is brand new so Google dosn't offer me much help...

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You should be able to do this with DirectShow. Depending on your exact needs you could render the buffer or let DirectShow handle the networking aspect as well.

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Gave up on DS. It requires more effort than I'm willing to give for a proof-of-concept hobby project. Tagging you as correct answer since it actually is, more details wouldn't hurt though... – rozon Jan 11 '10 at 13:44

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