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SVN plugins for Eclipse - Subclipse vs. Subversive

I've been using Subclipse (an SVN plugin for Eclipse), for quite a while, but have become increasingly unhappy with it. I notice that Tortoise SVN is available as an Eclipse plugin and am considering using that instead within Eclipse (I already use it when accessing SVN outside Eclipse).

Before I make the switch, does anyone have any experience with using the Tortoise SVN Eclipse plugin, or are there any other Eclipse SVN plugins (other than Subclipse) that are recommended?

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Have you tried the Subversive plugin for Eclipse ?

Maybe you can explain why you are unhappy with Subclipse, to see if others tools can satisfy you...

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I don't have any experience with the Totoise SVN plugin, because all my machines run Linux, and last time I checked the tortoise SVN plugin was Windows only.

Another good SVN plugin howver, is Subversive:

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I use tortiseSVN and have had nothing but a positive experience.

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But do you use the Tortoise SVN Eclipse plugin, or you only use it outside Eclipse? – Dónal Oct 13 '08 at 15:35

If you use tortoiseSVN and consider using an Eclipse plugin, stick to Subclipse.

Subversive will simply destroy its cache as soon as you access the SVN server with a different tool (including the command line) just once.

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