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Suppose i have 5 window to be created in which one is parent and the four window are child window. So on the parent window if i have to create four window then how should i implement the structure concept so as to reduce the code segment.?

Is this a good habit or not to use the structure concept?

Please reply thanks a lot.

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Suppose u have a structure

struct HANDLES
    HINSTANCE hInstance;
        HWND parent;
        HWND childwindow1;
        HWND childwindow2;
        HWND childwindow3;
        HWND childwindow4;

Now declare object for this handle

    HANDLES handles;

Now create parent window like this at bool WINAPI InitInstance(HINSTANCE hInstance, int nCmdShow)

handles.parent = CreateWindowEx(0,
                WS_VISIBLE | WS_POPUP,
                0, 0, 
                coordinates.width, coordinates.height,

where coordinates is an object and width & height are data member of COORDINATES.

Now create the child window under WM_CREATE.

    HWND *buttons = &(handles.childwindow1);
        for(int i = MIN_BUTTON; i <= MAX_BUTTON; i++)  // MIN_BUTTON = 0 & MAX_BUTTON = 3

            *buttons = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_TOPMOST,
                                       WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_OWNERDRAW,
                                       btns[i].x, btns[i].y,
                                       (HMENU) ((short)(INITIAL_BUTTON + i)), //(INITIAL_BUTTON + i) is id for your child window
                                       handles.hInstance, NULL) ;

where "btns[4]" is an object of struct "AXIS"

AXIS btns[4];

struct AXIS
    short int x;
    short int y;
    short int width;
    short int height;
    short int widthSrc;
    short int heightSrc;

and for each child window there is a different value which is specified from btns[0] to btns[3].

So in this way u can create your window using structure.

Yes its a good habit to use structure which reduces code segment and easy to implement.

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Remember this is just one example. There are several other method which can be better than this but choice is urs. –  Abhineet Dec 30 '09 at 5:59

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