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I have a installshiled project which generates setup.exe file. I'd like to enable silent install by generating proper setup.iss file. I ran the following command:

Setup.exe /r

which lunched the installer, but it never created the setup.iss file. I looked in C:\Windows as the documentation suggested, as well as some other locations (local directory, program files etc.)

Why isn't it created and how to fix?


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Ok I found the problem, and a workaround:

The problem was that my msi project was a Basic MSI Project, as opposed to InstallScript and InstallScript MSI projects. This kind of project does not support reading a response file (aka setup.iss). However, there is a way to perform silent installation for the .msi / setup.exe file:

Setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

will do the trick.

All of this information can be found here

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Basic MSI projects can also be extracted with setup.exe /a. This runs an administrative install and creates an extracted installation source media. After that you can install the extracted msi with regular msiexec commands: msiexec /i name.msi /qn –  Stein Åsmul Feb 2 '14 at 12:41

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