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I need to open Run from my Ruby script and type the location of a file and click OK. I have seen some examples to open notepad and entering text using WIN32OLE but I am not sure how to open the Run command.

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Good Question(+1)... – Arup Rakshit Nov 5 '13 at 10:02

If you are using Windows, I think you can do:

`start location_of_my_file`
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You can do that with any of the following commands in ruby

1) exec

2) using backtick or %x

3) system

Along with the name of the file you should also give the name of the program that should execute it.

Ex: If you want to open calculator then you can just do

exec 'calc' # or `calc` or %x(calc) or system 'calc'

Ex: If you want to open a text file in notepad then :

exec 'notepad file_name.txt'


`notepad file_name.txt`


%x(notepad file_name.txt)


system 'notepad file_name.txt'
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Here is one way that you can do it:

require 'win32ole'

def power
  wsh ='Wscript.Shell')
  if not wsh.AppActivate('powershell')
    wsh.SendKeys('gwmi win32_bios{ENTER}')
    wsh.SendKeys('gwmi win32_processor{ENTER}')
    wsh.SendKeys('gwmi win32_volume{ENTER}')


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