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I have an ip table with VARBINARY fields: ip_start and ip_end Now I have a problem,


Now, how to store $binary_start and $binary_end to ip table? Do I need any wrapping of data(such as bin2hex)?

"INSERT INTO `ip_table` (`id`, `binary_start`, `binary_end`) VALUES
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Possible duplicate of How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?. Despite the title, that's the exact problem you're facing and solutions listed there will fix it. – Álvaro González Nov 5 '13 at 10:28
@CBroe - He already mentions varbinary. – Álvaro González Nov 5 '13 at 10:36

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MySQL has a BINARY/VARBINARY type, which could be used to store binary data directly, without compute it into a hexadecimal representation.

    `binary_start` BINARY( 20 ) NOT NULL,
    `binary_end` VARBINARY( 20 ) NOT NULL,

If you use prepared statements and pass the values without concatenating them to a string, the binary data will be inserted "as is".

/** @var $database \PDO */
$stmt = $database->prepare( 'INSERT INTO `ip_table` (`binary_start`, `binary_end`) VALUES ( :start, :end );' );
$stmt->bindValue( ':start', $binaryStart );
$stmt->bindValue( ':end', $binaryEnd );
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