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I was trying to use iz3 for extracting interpolants. It seems to work fine for examples given in the documentation page. I tried to run iz3 for a example which Z3 conformed as UNSAT. But when i used iZ3 the following error popped up

iZ3: unsupported Z3 operator in expression (bvule bv100[101] main.a'64'0) iZ3: unsupported Z3 operator in expression (bvadd main.a'64'0 main.b'64'0) Segmentation fault

Does iZ3 support only theories of AUFLIA and not QF_AUFBV ? Is there a way I can get interpolants for QF_AUFBV which supports bit_vector operation as above? I used iZ3 which was in z3 4.1 version

Thanks in advance

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Maybe interpol (http://ultimate.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/smtinterpol/docu.html) and mathsat (http://mathsat.fbk.eu/) could be useful.

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Sorry, iZ3 supports only AUFLIA.

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