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Just want to learn 'Windows workflow' designer in .net right from the basics, can anyone suggest a good link please

thanks sandeep

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See duplicate question already asked: > Windows workflow.. –  Ray Vega Oct 22 '08 at 16:46

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OdeToCode has several in depth articles on WWF written by Scott Allen, and in particular a good discussion of the instances where you should use a state machine to simply complex workflow logic.

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Here's a link to some good beginner-level WF tutorials:

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Have you read the MSDN section yet?


EDIT: heh—someone posted the link while I was writing.

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Except from the obvious MSDN link, you may find useful the following:

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Hands-on Labs for Windows® Workflow Foundation in C# and VB.NET http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=2e575633-e357-4ee7-aaff-34138f00e830&displaylang=en

Very good guide for your first steps.

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