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To build a HTML table I use direct DOM instead of a predefined Widget to set thead and tbody. But when I insert a cell with the insertCell() method GWT inserts an td element but should insert an th element.


TableElement table = Document.get().createTableElement();
TableSectionElement thead = table.createTHead();
TableRowElement headRow = thead.insertRow(-1);
headRow.insertCell(-1).setInnerText( "header1" );



but should give


Any idea how to solve this problem? Use the "old-school" DOM.createXXX()-Methods?

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you may create and add manually:

final TableCellElement th = Document.get().createTHElement();
th.setInnerText("i'm th!");

and you get:

<table><thead><tr><td>header1</td><th>i'm th!</th></tr></thead></table>
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