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I am trying to get meetup events data through meetup open event stream API.


i am using the following code for get data .

// Open a stream in read-only mode
if (!($stream = fopen("http://stream.meetup.com/2/open_events", 'r'))) {
    die('Could not open stream for reading');

// Check if the stream has more data to read
while (!feof($stream)) {
    // Read 1024 bytes from the stream
    $data= fread($stream, 1024);

    echo '<pre>';
    echo ($data);
// Be sure to close the stream resource when you're done with it

The above code is returning results and data is in json format and then i have to decode it.I can decode it with php 'json_decode' function .But the problem i am facing is that i have receiving json objects data some time full object and sometimes half objectthat can not be decode in php .

Any help with my code or other code sample can be very helpful and thankful

Thanks in advance

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The problem is likely

fread($stream, 1024);

If the JSON is longer than those 1024 bytes, you get broken objects. Either increase the length or use fgets without a length argument instead or use this somewhat shorter alternative:

$stream = new SplFileObject("http://stream.meetup.com/2/open_events");
while (!$stream->eof()) {
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thanks Gordon . that work fine . i really appreciate your effort –  Sheikh James Nov 5 '13 at 14:13

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