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How is it implemented?

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Can you ask a more generic question? It is implemented in Javascript! –  Oded Dec 30 '09 at 8:02
This isn't really a question. You can see the source code of an page on jsbin by appending /edit to the url: jsbin.com/idala/edit –  Justin Johnson Dec 30 '09 at 11:49
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3 Answers

The creator used javascript prototype feature (not the popular Prototype framework) to create a Christmas Tree class named chrisTree.

There are methods implemented to perform the 'drawing' of the tree as well as the animation by:

  • Dynamically creating DOM elements to represent the trees
  • Manipulation of CSS styles
  • Using setTimeout method for animation effect triggering
  • etc. etc.

Nice work!

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Javascript making use of x, y coordinates, arrays and bit of css. You got to analyze it closely to get an idea of how it works. Of course you should have good understanding of javascript. :)

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  1. Creating div elements which are absolutely positioned so that it appears as a tree.

  2. Settimeout used to light up divs

  3. Colors are stored in an array

You can view the code using the following link and understand what is being done


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