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I'm trying to construct a function that creates a data.frame containing only 0 from two variables indicating row and column names (it also indicates the size of the data frame in the meantime)

> mycolnames = c('a','b','c')
> myrownames = c('e','f')

For this special case my data.frame should be:

df = data.frame(a=rep(0,2), b=rep(0,2), c=rep(0,2))
rownames(df) = myrownames
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Use matrix and wrap it in data.frame (if you really need a data.frame as the output).

data.frame(matrix(0, ncol = length(mycolnames), 
           nrow = length(myrownames), 
           dimnames = list(myrownames, mycolnames)))
#   a b c
# e 0 0 0
# f 0 0 0
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