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I can change device language using following adb command:

adb shell setprop persist.sys.language fr;setprop CA;stop;sleep 5;start

This command will restart device after changing device language. But is it possible to change devices language without restart device?

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If you're working in a testing context, you could use the fastlane screengrab tool for changing the locale of your device directly.

I myself was looking for a possibility to change the locale of the device from ADB, but failed finding one. In the end I implemented a similar approach tp screengrab. There seems to be no easy way of changing the locale on the phone. Only triggering a configuration change directly through a BroadcastReceiver makes it work. It's called DevSet and after setting everything up a more or less simple call to ADB will change the locale (on all devices I've tested so far):

adb shell am broadcast -n dev.set/.locale --es l {locale}
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