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I developed a wordpress plugin entirely on localhost and tested it on a live server (CPanel) that I have full access to. What I'd like to know is what information I would need from a website owner if I were to install the plugin on their website? The assumption is that the website owner wants to give me as little information as possible, and I too don't want to expose myself to any liability beyond what I absolutely need to view to install the plugin for them.


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Assuming the plugin is not released publicly, you will need a user account for their WordPress install and FTP acccess.

A better option might be step-by-step instructions, or releasing the plugin on codex.wordpress.org -- if it's available there, you can install it with only a WordPress administrator account, which they can then delete or disable once it's installed.

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If thei hosting supports WordPress autoupgrade feature I don't see any reason of manually installing plugins. It can be done from admin cp there. If your plugin requires manual installation, then, probably, it is a bad plugin ;)

If you want to generate income from support, I am afraid, you will end up with requiring full access to hosting. And also you should know better than us what access will you need in order to support your plugin.

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release your plugin under gpl, put your name as author make a small readme ant thats it.

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I've already done that, streetparade. But I want to make income from paid install/support. That's what the question is about as you can see if you read it again. –  CaR Dec 30 '09 at 8:28

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