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I have a stored procedure which takes data from a linked server and inserts it into a table on my own server. This works fine if I run the Sproc manually within SQL, but when I try and run the sproc via a batch file, I get an authentication failure. It seems the batch needs to have connection information to be able to run the sproc successfully.

I am using osql with the following commands -S -d -Q -U -P

Is this correct? It seems I need to be able to define two databases (mine and the one from the linked server).

Any help would be appreciated

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Who is complaining? osql, sql local server, sql remote server ? –  MC ND Nov 5 '13 at 14:28
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maybe you should try -E (trusted connection) instead of -U -P. this uses windows authentication instead of sql authentication

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I have managed to get it to work. Issue was I was using the credentials for getting onto the Linked Server. I needed to use the credentials for my own server (probably obvious to most :P).

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