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I'm working on setting up the Jacoco Gradle plugin for my project. The plugin is executing fine and generating the coverage report but it's not excluding packages that I would excluded.

Classes I would like to include are in com/xxx/ws/hn/** and classes I would like excluded are in com/xxx/ws/enterprise/**.

Here's my Gradle script:

apply plugin: "jacoco"

jacoco {
    toolVersion = ""
    reportsDir = file("$buildDir/reports/jacoco")

test {
        excludes = ["com/xx/ws/enterprise/**/*"]
        includes = ["com/xxx/ws/hn/**/*"]
        append = false

jacocoTestReport {
    dependsOn test
    description = "Generate Jacoco coverage reports after running tests."
    executionData = files('build/jacoco/test.exec')
    reports {
        xml.enabled true
        html.enabled true

Am I missing anything here? I've tried various patterns of exclusions including a '.' delimiter for packages instead of a '/' but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have not verified this but when I read the JaCoCo documentation, it states that wildcards can be used but all examples only have ONE *, not two as your example shows.

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