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Hai guys, As i want to develop an application using asp.net MVC, i dont know where should i start... I ve done some applications using asp.net webforms and now i want to make a move to asp.net mvc...

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Do the complete Nerd Dinner tutorial from start to finish. You can find it here.

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The "What is ASP.NET MVC?" page on the ASP.NET site is probably one of the best places to start:


I would highly suggest watching the video.

From there, I'd also suggest Scott Guthrie's blog, in particular, his post titled "ASP.NET MVC Framework":


He also has a number of other posts on the ASP.NET MVC framework, which are generally tagged with "MVC":


Of course, Google will turn up a number of sources, and there is always the vast array of information here.

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I suggest you watch these videos: ASP.NET MVC Storefront Starter Kit and read some books

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