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I'm runing MVC 2RC project on IIS 5.1.

When default created project is named "MvcApplication1" than everythig is ok. But when projects name is "MvcApplication1.Web" (contain ".") than I get an error during the debug: "unable to start debugging on the web server. the web server could not find the requested resource"

Do someone know how to resolve this problem?

Thanks a lot, Igor

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Works on my machine.™ I think you need to give more information. The dot in the project name alone is not the whole issue. – Craig Stuntz Dec 30 '09 at 13:50

Yes, this is a problem with namespaces and classes. This is like trying to name a class in php My$Class or in C My->'s just not possible.

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a restriction, rather than a problem, i'd say. the limit seems perfectly reasonable to me. +1, tho – David Hedlund Dec 30 '09 at 9:39
Strange. I have periods in my project names and they're absolutely fine. – Dan Atkinson Dec 30 '09 at 9:41
Why it's impossible? In Web Forms it's just ok, for example – Garik Dec 30 '09 at 9:46
@Dan - Is it because OP is using IIS 5.1? I too have dots in my project names – Rippo Dec 30 '09 at 9:58
I don't know why. I have not problem with iis 5 for web forms, where "." was in url like in previous comment – Garik Dec 30 '09 at 10:45

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