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Is there some place where I can put all common attributes/properties.? Maybe solo.rb?

-j json is not applicable for me.

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The answer really depends on what kind of attribute it is.

For example you could set a common global attribute in a:

  • Environment
  • Role
  • Cookbook included by all other cookbooks

An exotic alternative would be to use a databag, another useful way to record global data.

Example use-cases:

  • Store truly global information (stuff that never changes) in an Environment. This enables you to later create logically groupings of VMs with slight different global defaults.
  • For common attributes that rarely change consider a common cookbook, instead of a role. Roles cannot be versioned a feature that might be useful if you later want to support Dev/Test/Prod environments.
  • Databags are most useful when used to "data drive" a cookbook. I use them to generate resources, such as projects and other types of entity in my system.
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Put them in a common cookbook.

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Should I add dependency in metadata.rb for this common cookbook? – CAMOBAP Nov 5 '13 at 15:57

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