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I am using txloadbalancer twisted API in my application and it works great. I have one problem tho, I can't figure out a way too add hosts to a running instance.

I use this function for now:

#pm is a ProxyManager
def addServiceToPM(pm, service):
    if isinstance(service, model.HostMapper):
        [service] = model.convertMapperToModel([service])
    for groupName, group in pm.getGroups(service.name):
        proxiedHost = service.getGroup(groupName).getHosts()[0][1]
        pm.getGroup(service.name, groupName).addHost(proxiedHost)
        tracker = HostTracking(group)
        scheduler = schedulers.schedulerFactory(group.lbType, tracker)
        pm.addTracker(service.name, groupName, tracker)

and run it with a new host

addServiceToPM(pm, HostMapper(proxy='', lbType=roundr,
               host='host2', address=''))

This adds the host correctly to the tracker, but not to the proxy service and it is thus not used in the load balancing. Do anyone have a clue about how to do this?

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So, I ended up staring at the source code until the answer appeared.

If you, as in my case, want to add a new host to a existing proxy and group you use

def addHostToLB(pm, proxy, group, newHost, newHostName):
    tracker = pm.getTracker(proxy, group)
    tracker.newHost(newHost, newHostName)
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