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I'm trying to make a count within several table with JOIN, but when I made several JOINs the COUNTs got wrongly counted.

Basically I've got 4 tables, named:

  1. predective_search
  2. predective_to_product
  3. predective_to_category
  4. predective_to_manufacturer

I want to count the total number of products, categories and manufacturer which has same id in table predective_search.

Here's my code:

    COUNT(pp.predictive_id) AS total_products, 
    COUNT(pc.predictive_id) AS total_categories, 
    COUNT(pm.predictive_id) AS total_manufacturers 
FROM predictive_search ps 
LEFT JOIN predictive_to_product pp ON (ps.predictive_id = pp.predictive_id) 
LEFT JOIN predictive_to_category pu ON (ps.predictive_id = pc.predictive_id) 
LEFT JOIN oc_predictive_to_manufacturer pm ON (ps.predictive_id = pm.predictive_id)    
GROUP BY ps.predictive_id

Also the GROUP BY is needed I think. I'm stuck at this as I'm not getting any way to do this

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1 Answer 1

FROM predictive_search ps 
        SELECT pp.predictive_id, COUNT(*) AS total_products
        FROM predictive_to_product pp 
        GROUP BY pp.predictive_id 
    ) agg_pp ON ps.predictive_id = agg_pp.predictive_id
        SELECT pc.predictive_id, COUNT(*) AS total_categories
        FROM predictive_to_category pc 
        GROUP BY pc.predictive_id 
    ) agg_pc ON ps.predictive_id = agg_pc.predictive_id
        SELECT pm.predictive_id, COUNT(*) AS total_manufacturers
        FROM predictive_to_category pm 
        GROUP BY pm.predictive_id 
    ) agg_pm ON ps.predictive_id = agg_pm.predictive_id
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I found the solution of this problem just couple of min. ago: SELECT ,(SELECT count() FROM oc_predictive_to_product pp WHERE pp.predictive_id = ps.predictive_id) AS productCount, (SELECT count() FROM oc_predictive_to_category pc WHERE pc.predictive_id = ps.predictive_id) AS categoryCount, (SELECT count() FROM oc_predictive_to_manufacturer pm WHERE pm.predictive_id = ps.predictive_id) AS manufacturerCount, (SELECT pu.url FROM oc_predictive_to_url pu WHERE pu.predictive_id=ps.predictive_id) AS url FROM oc_predictive_search ps –  Sam Alam Nov 5 '13 at 17:09
Can you check this out; is there any problem with this code but it works well. Is this slow the execution time?? –  Sam Alam Nov 5 '13 at 17:10
Its takes----------------> Showing rows 0 - 3 ( 4 total, Query took 0.0008 sec) –  Sam Alam Nov 5 '13 at 17:11
Your code should work. As a matter of aesthetics I don't like subselects that refer to table aliases declared in the enclosing scope, but this is permissible on most modern RDBMSes, and many people write SQL this way. Your code may or may not be faster - I can't run a query against your DB so can't say for certain. –  pobrelkey Nov 5 '13 at 17:15

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