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I plan to use db unit as a framework for ibatis mappers testing. What I'm most concerned is having a lot of expected data sets, which can be hard to maintain. As an alternative I consider using mappers for selecting and persisting data when setting up data. For ex: to test select method of someMapper I would write:

public void testSelect() {

    // setup data
    Object o = new Object();

    // now do the test
    Object r = someMapper.select(ID);
    do asserts on r


I know that in such case testSelect is dependent on persist and deleteAll methods and if one of these methods is not working this test will fail even when select method is working fine. But going this way I have:

  • all the data setup inside a test which is easier to read
  • I don't have to maintain xml files. When table has many columns it might be an issue to prepare these xmls and keep them up to date with schema.
  • In general it looks like a faster solution.

Do you find maintenance of input/output xmls difficult? I know example above breaks some principles of unit testing and I really like the concept from DB unit but I'm not sure about maintenance here.

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