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I'm trying to add plain text as an overlay to my leaflet map with custom tiles. I don't want them bound to a marker on popup or as a mouse hover. Is there a way to add text to the locations of a map that would change size dynamically based on the zoom level?

please advise as the I'm not seeing anything in the Leaflet API...

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You can use the L.DivIcon for this. API here. This lets you represent an icon with ANY HTML that you define.

var myIcon = L.divIcon({className: 'my-div-icon', html: '<b>Hello!</b>});
L.marker([50.505, 30.57], {icon: myIcon}).addTo(map);

Obviously, where the HTML is inserted, you can use any HTML you want.

Will this work for you? You mention you don't want to use a marker, but is there a specific reason why a DivIcon wouldn't work?

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I have tried it to implement exactly what the API has for it's example and I get the following chrome error when Inspecting the Element: uncaught typeError: Cannot call method 'createIcon' of undefined – fifamaniac04 Nov 5 '13 at 19:59
What I want is to treat text like a route/poly-line to associate it with grid locations so that I can see a label for a particular region that is in view on my custom tile – fifamaniac04 Nov 5 '13 at 20:01
If you want to treat text like a route/line, then yeah, DivIcon will only get you a point, and you won't be able to snap it to a line. This plugin however might help: It lets you write text along a polyline, and the text will wrap around the line. – Patrick D Nov 6 '13 at 13:12

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