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The problem is quite simply explained. You have a DB, you have a table and you have an attribute. What you want to do is to connect to the database, query the table for the max on the content of the table of a specific attribute.

What I tried so far is:

attr_name = 'foo'
meta = MetaData()
obj_table = meta.tables[table_name]

print("<< select max(attr_name) from obj_table >>")

What I would like to do is to print out the max. I tried with sessions, with getattr.. no clue. I just want to get the max out of this table, from a column having a name passed by parameter (I can't use dot notation).

Any clue?

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from sqlalchemy import select, func

col = getattr(obj_table.c, attr_name)
q = select([func.max(col)], obj_table)
with self._engine.connect() as conn:
    res = conn.execute(q)
    max_value = res.fetchone()[0]

The important thing here is that table columns are accessed via obj_table.c (or obj_table.columns).

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Thank you so much! That saved my day! –  Fabiano Francesconi Nov 5 '13 at 19:53

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