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I've lost like 2 hours for finding a solution, with no success. I have installed Mylyn (3.9.1) and EGit (3.1.0) in my Eclipse (Kepler 4.3.1).

Window->Preferences->Mylyn->Team has checked "Automatically create and manage with task context" and has a "Commit Comment Template" defined.

Window->Preferences->Team->Git->Commit Dialog has no options that might be corresponding with this kind of synchronization.

So why, when i working with "Active" task and trying to make Git Commit, I dont see Task title, number etc like a default commit message ?

I've this functionality some time ago on another machine and eclipse, but dont know what to do here.

I've tried to reinstall all Mylyn with no success.

Please help.

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You need to install "Task focused interface for Eclipe Git Team Provider", which should be on the preinstalled Eclipse update site.

For Kepler:

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