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Initial Successful setup

On mac os x. I have created a new user tmuxpair on my machine and added his ssh pub key to /Users/tmuxpair/.ssh/authorized_keys per instructions in https://github.com/livingsocial/ls-pair

My main user who is hosting pairing session starts 'wemux start'. Remote user logs in to my machine and executes 'wemux pair' and successfully connects to my wemux session.

Motivation to tweak setup

I wanted to tweak the remote users's login to get him into tmux session on login. I prepended commmand="wemux pair" to the remote user's ssh key in his authorized_keys file.


Remote user gets a message "wemux command not found" on ssh to my machine and is logged out.

When I provide full path to wemux with commmand="/usr/local/bin/wemux pair" the remote user gets a message "No wemux server to pair with on 'wemux'"

I am stuck on where to look.

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