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I'm building a web site and i want to paint/highlight the line that i m reading. here is my code:

foreach (GridViewRow rw in gvHastalar.Rows)
    rw.CssClass = "gvKontrolEdilenSatir";

Thanks in advance

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What do you mean by reading? – TheVillageIdiot Dec 30 '09 at 12:05
i m looping in a foreach (look my code) and i want to painting that i m reading row in that loop. – cagin Dec 30 '09 at 12:31
Do you mean that you want to highlight a row when you hover over it? – ryanulit Dec 30 '09 at 13:23

If you have a particular row selected in the GridView you can compare the index of the current row in the foreach loop with the SelectedIndex of the GridView. You can then conditionally set the CSS class if they match.

foreach (GridViewRow rw in gvHastalar.Rows)
    if (rw.RowIndex == gvHastalar.SelectedIndex)
        rw.CssClass = "SelectedCssClass";
        rw.CssClass = "NotSelectedCssClass";
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