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I`m using Asp.net MVC4 WebAPI

In WebAPI side , I have a customer class like this

public class **CustomerAPI**  
  public string CustomerName {get;set;}  
  public string CustomerCity{get;set;}


In MVC side , I have a customer class like this

public class CustomerMVC
    public string CustomerName {get;set;}  
    public string CustomerCity{get;set;} 

I`m consuming WebAPI services in ASP.Net MVC4 like below

 var task = client.GetAsync("api/values")
                    .ContinueWith((taskwithresponse) =>
                        var response = taskwithresponse.Result;
             var readtask =   

                       serviceList = readtask.Result.ToList();

I`m getting Aggregate exception on doing this, How can I convert CustomerWebAPI to CustomerMVC.

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It might help to split your code up a bit. I also recommend using the Newtonsoft.Json nuget package for serialization.

var task = client.GetAsync("api/values").Result;
//get results as a string
var result = task.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;
//serialize to an object using Newtonsoft.Json nuget package
var customer = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<CustomerMVC>(result);

If you wanted to make it asynchronous you could use the async and await keywords in C#5:

public async Task<CustomerMVC> GetCustomer()
    //return control to caller until GetAsync has completed
    var task = await client.GetAsync("api/values");
    //return control to caller until ReadAsStringAsync has completed
    var result = await task.Content.ReadAsStringAsync()
    return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<CustomerMVC>(result);
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