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on my joomla page i have a menu point that gives me the latest article, i wrote an extension for that. it works well, but for obvious reasons the article hit counter is not updated.

how can i fix that?

$db = JFactory::getDBO();
$query = "SELECT * FROM `#__content` WHERE `catid` = {$catid} AND `state` = 1 AND publish_up <= DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 2 hour) ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1";
$rows = $db->loadObjectList();

for the output:

echo ($rows[0]->introtext);
echo ($rows[0]->fulltext);
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You would just have to run an update query after this, with the same where clause, that sets hits = hits + 1 –  David Fritsch Nov 5 '13 at 23:01

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I recommend to use the JTable class

$table = JTable::getInstance('Content');
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