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I'm testing my app with rspec, and I need a hint with devise gem testing. What is the best way for testing permissions to view some path.

For example I have this callback in my ProductController

before_filter :authenticate_user!, :except => [:show, :index]

And I need somethisng like this

before (:each) do
    @user = User.create!({
      :name => 'Test User',
      :email => 'user@test.com',
      :password => 'pleaseletmein',
      :password_confirmation => 'pleaseletmein' 
    sign_in @user

 before ([:create, ....]) do
    sign_out @user if @user

let(:valid_session) { {"warden.user.user.key" => session["warden.user.user.key"]} }
let(:un_valid_session) { {} }

describe "create" do
  it "....." do
    get(:create, {}, un_valid_session)
    response.should redirect_to(root_path)

Or share your way of testing this king of behavior.

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Take a look at the rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan project. There is features folder, which contains pretty much you need https://github.com/RailsApps/rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan/tree/master/features

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