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I burned through every web page possible till I understood enough to get so far as to get grub to make on cygwin (YEEEEEEEEY!!!)... NOW the make install seems to have a simple permissions error and I thought this is probably something simple to someone here.

GRUB 1.98 -no w error

I received many mkdir hiccups which I believe are due to how the cygdrive is being called (ex: -> //cygdrive when it should be /)

Working example

mkdir -p -- /cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/etc/grub.d
/bin/sh ../grub-1.98/mkinstalldirs /cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/lib/grub

Where it breaks

mkdir -p -- //cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/share/locale/ast/LC_MESSAGES
mkdir: cannot create directory `//cygdrive': Read-only file system
/usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file `//cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/share/locale/ast/LC_MESSAGES/grub.mo': No such file or directory
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GOOOOOOOOOT IT! I decided whatevs modded the make file and boom!

@langs='$(LINGUAS)'; \
    for lang in $$langs; do \
      $(SHELL) $(mkinstalldirs) /cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/share/locale/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES; \
      file="po/$$lang.mo"; \
      if test -f "$$file"; then dir=; else dir="$(srcdir)/"; fi; \
      $(INSTALL_DATA) $$dir$$file /cygdrive/c/posix/cygwin86/opt/cross/grub/share/locale/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES/$(PACKAGE).mo; \

I simply changed it to it's path

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