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I am able to get my current location just fine. I create a map with driving directions and then I want to allow my user to navigate to their destination.

How do I set the location for the user to navigate? I do not see a way to set location, there are only location.list() and location.get() methods. I am using Python, below is my attempted code:

work = [lat1, lng1]
#home_location = self.mirror_service.locations().set(home)
body = {
    'location': location,
    'html': PAGINATED_HTML % 
    (lat1, lng1, route(home,work), lat1, lng1, distance(home, work)),
    'notification': {'level': 'DEFAULT'},
    'menuItems': [{'action': 'NAVIGATE'},
        {'action': 'READ_ALOUD'},
        {'action': 'DELETE'}],
    'notification': {'level': 'DEFAULT'}

# self.mirror_service is initialized in util.auth_required.
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The destination location which will be used by the NAVIGATE menu command is set in the location field. Glass can figure out the current location by itself.

See for details.

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Got it! 'location': { "kind": "mirror#location", "id": 'home', "latitude": lat2, "longitude": lng2, "displayName": 'Home'}, – marty331 Nov 6 '13 at 2:24

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