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When you click the "Like" button on my page, there is no thumbnail image shown on my post, despite having the required og meta tags. The "object debugger" shows no warnings or errors.

Here is the graph "object" (yes, I just tied in to an existing FB app for now):

   "id": "175959635944736",
   "url": "",
   "type": "website",
   "title": "Custom Web Development by",
   "image": [
         "url": "",
         "width": 256,
         "height": 256
   "description": "Web Development, Custom Solutions, Research & Development on Artificial Intelligence and more...",
   "site_name": "",
   "updated_time": "2013-11-06T01:20:59+0000",
   "created_time": "2013-11-05T08:27:00+0000",
   "application": {
      "id": "140924366064816",
      "name": "Settlers of Aloria",
      "url": ""
   "is_scraped": true

To sum up, why is the image in the object, not being displayed as a thumbnail of the "like" post? TIA!

Cheers! Steve

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Tried a 1600 x 1334 jpg too. Still no image, a couple days later. – sigEleven Nov 7 '13 at 8:45
Found 6-8 bug reports on facebook developers on this issue. Appears to be a problem with opengraph, still under investigation. – sigEleven Nov 8 '13 at 3:09

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