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I'm trying to style the state of the dropdown menu in Bootstrap 3 when it's clicked upon, but am unable to find the exact psuedoclass/selector to do so. It's unclear whether it renders the background-color or background transparent or black, and neither searching through BS3's bootstrap.css nor inspecting the live dropdown with the Web Developer plugin has given a definite answer. Furthermore, clicking on the dropdown menu seems to make the active li next to it have a slightly lighter background. Any insight on how to remedy either of these quirks is much appreciated.

Website: http://www.petebunke.com/newportfoliosite/sbmuseum

CSS (besides BootstrapCDN/FontAwesome/stickyfooter.css/jumbotron.css):

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I would use Firefox to find out.

Press F12, and then pick "HTML" from the left pane, and "computed" from the right. Hover over the navbar, and I can see them.

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