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I have problem with getting stacktrace of errors. When i use error.getStackTrace() in debug player it works fine.

ReferenceError: Error #1056: Не удается создать свойство asdad в starling.display.Stage. at app.views::MachineHeader/onSoundButtonTriggered() 
 [/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../src/app/views/] at
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/starling/events/] at
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/starling/events/] at
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/starling/events/] at org.feathers.controls::Button/button_touchHandler()
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/org/feathers/controls/] at
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/starling/events/] at
[/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/.../workspace/src/starling/events/] at

But on release player stackTrace looks like:

ReferenceError: Error #1056


this.loaderInfo.uncaughtErrorEvents.addEventListener(UncaughtErrorEvent.UNCAUGHT_ERROR, onGlobalErrorsHandler);

private function onGlobalErrorsHandler(e:UncaughtErrorEvent):void {
    if (_errorList[e.errorID]) {

    var data:Object = {};
    data["login"] = AMFService.instance.login;
    data["error_type"] = String(e.error.errorID);
    data["stacktrace"] = e.error.getStackTrace();
    AMFService.instance.sendError("statistics.error_send", data);

    _errorList[e.errorID] = e.error;


Debug player: Linux 11.2 Release player: PepperFlash 11.9

What i'm doing wrong? How can i get stacktrace on release player?

Than you.

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To enable stacktraces in release player(11.5+), you have to compile your swf with swf-version=18

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According to Adobe's API Reference for Error.getStackTrace() ...

"For Flash Player 11.4 and earlier and AIR 3.4 and earlier, stack traces are only available when code is running in the debugger version of Flash Player or the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL). In non-debugger versions of those runtimes, calling this method returns null."

Sorry, but there's just no way around it. :(

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