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Due to the fact that backups for federated databases cannot be automated using the export tool through the management portal we are forced to use the SQL Azure Migration Wizard. If we use the Migration Wizard from a local machine it takes forever due to network latency and also we incur large bandwidth costs as the entire database is being transferred out of the data center. In order to reduce costs of data transfer and to save time, we have in the past used the SQL Azure Migration Wizard on one of our VMs in the same data center. Doing this required us to install SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio, and SQL Azure Migration Wizard on the VM through remote desktop. This was a pain but really was not that bad when we were running on 2008 servers. Now that we have upgraded to 2012 servers we have to install SQL Server 2012 Express with the management studio. It turns out that these two files are much larger than 2008 and is causes a lot longer to make the whole process to work. We are trying to see if there is a way to do one of the follow:

  • Deploy our VMs with SQL Server 2012 Express and Management Studio already installed
  • Somehow use SQL Azure Migration Wizard without have to install SQL Server 2012 and Management Studio. We tried installing just the SMO tools but there were other required components that required the full install.
  • Some other way to backup a federated database other than SQL Azure Migration Wizard
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Just wondering how good with Internet Search Engines you are. simple internet search shows tools like Enzo Cloud Backup (bluesyntax.net/backup20.aspx) and SQL Azure Federation backup (sqlazurebackupworker.codeplex.com), both of which support Federations... StackOverflow is place to ask programming questions concerning code you've written or struggle to write! –  astaykov Nov 6 '13 at 7:52
Thank for the condescending comment :) I actually did see the alternate options for backing up Federations. I was really looking for possible solutions to the first two options which while it may not be a direct programming question, it definitely relates to tools a developer would use and thus it seemed in the realm of appropriate questions. Thanks for the links though. –  Nick Olsen Nov 6 '13 at 15:47

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