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i am trying to program an STM32f discovery board in eclipse c/c++ but I get an error that says

In file included from src/tsl_user.c:28:0:
inc/tsl_user.h:32:17: fatal error: tsl.h: No such file or directory

This is a library from STM. It is included in a sub folder /Libraries/STMDriver/ and in this folder there are two folders for includes and source.

I have a lot around to add these folders to the project includes to see these folders but it is still giving me an error. I can CTRL+Click on the header and it opens the correct header file location, it is just not including it at compile.

What else can i do to get eclipse to see these files at build?

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There are certain settings for the project. You can access it by right clicking your project in the project explorer and choosing properties. In the properties window, go to C/C++ general, Paths and Symbols. Make sure you have all you need included in the Includes and Source Location tabs. It's a good idea to add something like


Just change "src" to anything you need

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