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So when i have a dependency clash like the following:

My pom wants A, and several levels down it pulls in X version 3.0. This is the X i want.

My pom also wants B, and a few levels down it pulls in X version 2.0; which i don't want.

Version 2.0 wins, due to the default maven dependency resolution.

Note that A,B and X are 3rd party libs so i have no control over them.

Now, i've seen two ways of dealing with this:

1) Just add X version 3.0 to my pom as a dependency. 2) Add an "exclusion" to B, to exclude X.

Which is better and why? Or is it one of those "it depends"?

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use exclusion as this is a good way to resolve collision –  ankit Nov 6 '13 at 5:49

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It depends :)

  • If you need X for your code to work (you're using some of the classes from X in your code), then add X to your pom directly. By doing in such a way you clearly indicate this fact.
  • If you need X for the library code to work (it is only required in runtime), then just exclude it from B and keep it in A.
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